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  • Working Temperature: -10~40℃

    Voice Control: Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant

    Temperature Range: 5~30℃

    Standard: Tuya Bluetooth TRV

    Size: 55.3*54*98.3mm

    Max. Travel: 6mm

    Constant Temperature Tolerance: ±0.7℃

    Connection: M30*1.5mm

    Certification: RoHS

    Certification: CE

    Battery Type: 2*AA 1.5V alkline batteries

    App: Smart Life, TuyaSmart


    Easy to install

    You can install the TRV easily by yourself without any special installation tools. And it can be done without draining heating water or intervening in the heating system.

    Voice Control

    It is Convenient to use voice via Smart Life APP or Tuya APP to control the TRV when you are on the go. Enjoy hands-free and save more time.

    App Remote Control

    You can real-time control the TRV by Tuya APP or Smart Life APP within 10 meters after pair with Bluetooth. If you connected the Tuya Bluetooth hub, you could control it anywhere.

    Power Failure Recovery

    Without worrying about power off, TRV has memory function and will go back to the working state you set after power is restored.

    Window-open Detection

    When your window is open and the indoor temperature drops to the temperature you set,the TRV will detect and close the valve (you can set the closing time). It will return to the previously set working state after the window-open detection ends.

    Boost and High Precious Temperature

    The TRV has the rapid heating function that can fully opened within 5 minutes to make you feel the warmth of the room faster.And it have high precision temperature difference, controlled at ±0.7℃. It also has an Eco comfortable temperature mode,which can be set at 21℃(comfortable temperature) and 17℃(Eco temperature).

    Week/Holiday Programming Stage

    You can set a cycle of heating and cooling according to your individual needs. Like 5+2 mode(5 working days+2 weekends) or 6+1 mode(6 working days+1 day weekend) . While on vacation, you can set up a countdown plan to get your home heating system working. At the end of the vacation, the thermostat automatically returns to weekly mode. It can also set a daily timing schedule.

    Anti-Freezing Mode

    A anti-freezing mode and battery saver mode can be set up on weekend or holiday, ensuring that the temperature control system does not freeze, and it can also keep warm.

    Heating Stop (Power Saving) Mode

    Low Power Consumption, it can save up to 30% on your heating bill

    Child Lock

    It can be set in a child-lock mode to prevent children from touching by mistake and avoid unnecessary losses.

    Tuya Bluetooth Hub Required

    A Tuya Bluetooth Hub is required to the TRV for app remote control and voice control.


    1.Q: Is the battery included?
    A: No. since the battery will cause a problem with shipment, so there is no battery included in package.

    2.Q: Can I use my own hub to connect with the TRV.
    A: No, this TRV just can be compatible with Tuya Bluetooth Hub. But it can be used with Bluetooth connection either.

    3.Q: Can I control the TRV if I am not at home?
    A: If you successfully connect TRV to the Tuya Bluetooth hub, you can control it on your smartphone App anywhere. But if you just connect it to Bluetooth, you can control it within 10 meters.

    4. Q: Can I program the schedule myself?
    A: Yes, you can set the daily /weekly/holiday program you need.

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