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  • 1. Remote Switch / Smart Timing 

    Control your home appliances at anytime and anywhere,

    and you can turn on / off  those devices through your smartphones controlled by IOS or Android system(Smart Life/TUYA APP). 


    2. Time setting: 

    You can plan and set a specific time to automatically turn on / off your home appliance in the living room,

    kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom,which helps save electricity. 


    3. Voice Control 

    This smart plug allows voice control with Alexa/Google Assistance.

    Simple and quick operation by scanning the QR code to download app (App Store / Google play Store) 


    4. Intelligent Grouping Control / Real-Time Monitoring Anomalies 

    Energy-saving and safe, reduce equipment wasting electricity,

    while effectively preventing high-power equipment from heating by using too much power,

    protecting the working life of the equipment.   


    5. Create groups and share with family members.   

    Set up a group for all Google home outlets and control them with one command.

    Share your Alexa and wifi plug with all family members.

    No need to worry, everyone can easily control them.  


    6. Monitor power 

    You can monitor energy usage and accurately check the power of the device.  

    7. Extend 2 sockets  

    One plug can expand two device sockets, and the two sockets can be independently controlled to control one device separately. 



    Produce Name: Smart Plug SP211 

    APP:Gosund/Smart Life/TUYA 

    Material PC (V0 Fireproof UV resistant) 

    Voltage 200-240V 

    Max output 16A 

    Wi-Fi 2.4GHZ(only) 

    Standard: EU Standard 


    Package Included:

    1*smart plug 1* user manual

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  • MINI Gadget USB Timer LED Digital Kitchen Cooking Shower Study Stopwatch Alarm Clock Electronic Cooking Countdown Timer

    High efficiency Be the master of time

    Flip induction timer.
    1. Science and timing
    2. LED display
    3. Positive and negative countdown
    4. Voice is adjustable

    Multipurpose application You should have one

    1. Phone/tablet
    2. Cooking
    3. Brush teeth
    4. Exercises of yoga

    Flip to a second time

    By flip induction, switch different time modules,push and turn,easy operation, the old and childrencan easily use.

    Six timing templates(3/5/10/15/25/30 mins)

    Countdown mode

    Does apply facial mask often forget time?
    Without setting, flip the 15 number face up to enterthe 15 minute countdown mode

    Positive timing mode

    Everyday little gamescan't live without it
    Turn the LED panel down to enter thepositive timing mode

    The LCD controls thetime accurately

    Accurate timing. raising eyes to understand theremaining time, scientific management

    Charging for 1.5 hours standby for up to six months

    Ntelligent, efficient and energy saving, great leap inbattery life, standby for up to half a year

    The volume can go up or down free adjustment of five gears

    The volume can be adjusted at level 5, and the stop bell can be turned over(drop -8 sound stop bell)
    Which is suitable for different occasions such as home and library

    Time silent to the pointof "sound" movement

    The use process is silent and silent, cultivating the ability of concentration and enhancing the conceptof time without using interference.

    High efficiency the precision device

    00:00~99:59 adjustable support for ward and backward timing, easier operation

    Cooking, bakingRegular use

    Kitchen timer, your time keeper

    Mini Size easy to carry

    The bag can be placed on hand to takeout and use at any time.
    Carry without encumbrance

    USB power supply lt can be used by charging

    Charging treasure, charger and other devicescan be powered, flexible use

    Electroplated ABS will notfade after long use

    The electroplated ABS process is used to mgke thetactile thread smooth, smooth ond clean as new

    More intuitive interaction

    More function introduction, pleaserefer to the instruction
    1. Charging port
    2. Press M+(increments minutes)
    S+(increasing in seconds)
    3. Press V+(volume up+)
    V-(volume reduction)
    4. Remaining power display
    5. Time to show
    6. Mute display
    7. Volume display
    8. Indicator light display

    The countdown
    Panel facing can set the time. After setting, the timer"Panel facing itself"starts

    The countdown
    Panel facing can set the time. After setting, the timer"Panel facing itself"starts
    Is the timing
    Forward timing simply flip the panel upside downto enter the forward timing state


    Brand: LLANO
    Name: Time a small party
    Model: LJN-TM3
    Color: Pearl silver
    Material: ElectroplatingKey +grade ABS
    Control mode: Gyroscopeazimuth identification
    Standby time: 6 months
    weight: 52g
    Size: 41*47*45mm