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    Emporia App Oven On notification

    Peace of Mind

    The Gen 2 Vue Energy Monitor keeps tabs on your energy use 24 hours a day. The Emporia App has valuable alerts that protect your family and your home. Set alerts for times when you approach monthly peak energy use, when you leave lights or an oven on, when things like sump pumps don't turn off or on, and when when your A/C uses more energy than it should. Download the App.

    Emporia App Savings Page

    Save Money

    The Gen 2 Vue keeps track of the energy used in your home to help you identify appliances and circuits that waste energy and increase monthly bills. The Emporia App suggests valuable savings opportunities and also allows you to set alerts to keep you notified when appliances and lights have been left on.

    PV Solar Panels

    Generating Energy?

    The Emporia Gen 2 Vue monitors renewable energy net metering out of the box, giving you clear measurements of how much energy is being returned to the grid (and saving you money). With the 50A sensors, you can also monitor your energy generation in real time and historically by the minute, hour, day, week, month, and year.

    How the Gen 2 Vue Works

    Gen 2 Vue In-panel Installation

    Install in Panel

    The Vue Installs in most homes in the electrical panel. Systems that only have access to busbars will require our Flexible Current Sensors. The Vue monitors renewable energy net metering with no extra equipment to buy. The Vue is UL and CE Listed for your safety.

    Gen 2 Vue Monitor Individual Circuits

    Monitor Circuits

    Add 50A sensor bundles to gain the ability to monitor up to 16 individual circuits. You can buy the sensors bundled with the Vue or separately, if you already own a Vue. This allows you to monitor important appliances and equipment, like your air conditioner, furnace, water heater, washer/dryer, solar generation, and more.

    Gen 2 Vue Connect over Wifi

    Connect over WiFi

    • Connects to Emporia over 2.4GHz WiFi
    • Monitors electricity use/generation 24/7
    • Collects granular, 1-second energy data
    • Monitors voltage for real power metrics
    • Tracks how much energy is being used by important appliances and equipment or how much is generated and sent back to the grid
    Gen 2 Vue manage energy with Emporia App

    Manage Your Energy

    • Manage energy use and generation with a simple iOS or Android app
    • Receive actionable recommendations
    • Get real-time data anywhere, anytime
    • Prevent costly repairs
    • Conserve Energy
    • Save Money
    Emporia Gen 2 Vue

    Ready for a Gen 2 Vue?

    Take Control of Your Energy

    • Track your energy usage.
    • Get savings opportunities.
    • Receive energy saving notifications.
    • Make your home more energy efficient.

    Plus d'informations

    Emporia has developed the next generation of the Vue Energy Monitor. Committed to bringing the best value at the lowest price possible, the Vue provides everything you need to monitor your entire home's energy usage in real time, as well as 16 extra sensors to allow you to monitor individual circuits. Not only can you see how much energy your home is using at any moment and over time, but you can also monitor how your individual appliances affect your energy bills.

    • READY FOR 3-PHASE: Includes an extra 200A Sensor for light commercial 3-phase/4-wire electrical systems (up to 415Y/240VAC & less than 600A ). Does not work with 3-phase/3-wire systems (Delta systems with no neutral).  NO NEED TO PURCHASE AN EXTRA SENSOR
    • INSTALLS IN CIRCUIT PANEL of most homes with clamp-on sensors; although it doesn't typically work in panels with access only to busbars. INSPECT YOUR ELECTRICAL PANEL for compatibility. Includes DIY instructions, though a professional electrician is recommended.
    • 24/7 ENERGY MONITORING: Monitor your home's real power anywhere, anytime to prevent costly repairs, conserve energy, and save costs. Monitor solar / net metering. PROTECTED BY A 1-YEAR WARRANTY.
    • LOWER YOUR ELECTRIC BILL: Gauge real-time spending and get actionable notifications to understand where you can save costs.
    • REAL-TIME ENERGY DATA: REQUIRES 2.4 GHz WIFI WITH AN INTERNET CONNECTION to monitor energy use with iPhone / Android app. Vue sensors provide 1-second data and are accurate from ±2%. The Vue is UL and CE Listed for your safety. 1 second data is retained 3 hours, 1 minute data is retained 7 days, 1 hour data is retained indefinitely. Export the data whenever you want in the app.
    • APPLIANCE MONITORING WITHOUT GUESSWORK: Comes with sixteen 50A sensors to accurately monitor your air conditioner, furnace, water heater, washer, dryer, range, etc. 

    • Bundle includes:
      • Gen 2 Vue Energy Monitor
      • 2 or Three 200A current sensors for service mains
      • 0/8/16x 50A current sensors for individual circuits
      • Wire harness
      • Extra wire & wire nuts
      • Wifi antenna & cable
    • Power the Vue directly from a 15A or 20A breaker
    • Professional installation recommended
    • Granular 1-second data interval
    • Each sensor is accurate from ±1%
    • Operates regardless of your utility
    • Comes with sixteen 50A sensors to monitor individual circuits
    • Interact with your Emporia Vue through your mobile device
    • Real-time monitoring of your energy usage and production with helpful units and measurements
    • Actionable notifications will help you:
      • Conserve energy
      • Lower carbon emissions
      • Increase grid reliability
      • Generate energy savings
      • Shift usage patterns from peak to off-peak
      • Get clear calculations that show your savings when you perform actions recommended by the Emporia Vue

    Vue energy monitor dimensions:

    • 4.1" x 3.1" x 1.1" (105mm x 80mm x 30mm)

    200A sensor dimensions:

    • 2.6" x 1.7" x 1.6" (65mm x 44mm x 41mm)
    • Window diameter: 1" (26mm)
    • Cable length: 39" (1m)
    • Connector plug: 3.5mm

    50A sensor dimensions:

    • 1.6" x 0.9" x 1" (41mm x 23mm x 26mm)
    • Window diameter: 0.39" (10mm)
    • Cable length: 39" (1m)
    • Connector plug: 2.5mm
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  • 1. Remote Switch / Smart Timing 

    Control your home appliances at anytime and anywhere,

    and you can turn on / off  those devices through your smartphones controlled by IOS or Android system(Smart Life/TUYA APP). 


    2. Time setting: 

    You can plan and set a specific time to automatically turn on / off your home appliance in the living room,

    kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom,which helps save electricity. 


    3. Voice Control 

    This smart plug allows voice control with Alexa/Google Assistance.

    Simple and quick operation by scanning the QR code to download app (App Store / Google play Store) 


    4. Intelligent Grouping Control / Real-Time Monitoring Anomalies 

    Energy-saving and safe, reduce equipment wasting electricity,

    while effectively preventing high-power equipment from heating by using too much power,

    protecting the working life of the equipment.   


    5. Create groups and share with family members.   

    Set up a group for all Google home outlets and control them with one command.

    Share your Alexa and wifi plug with all family members.

    No need to worry, everyone can easily control them.  


    6. Monitor power 

    You can monitor energy usage and accurately check the power of the device.  

    7. Extend 2 sockets  

    One plug can expand two device sockets, and the two sockets can be independently controlled to control one device separately. 



    Produce Name: Smart Plug SP211 

    APP:Gosund/Smart Life/TUYA 

    Material PC (V0 Fireproof UV resistant) 

    Voltage 200-240V 

    Max output 16A 

    Wi-Fi 2.4GHZ(only) 

    Standard: EU Standard 


    Package Included:

    1*smart plug 1* user manual

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    Product Overview***********************


    Siglent’s SPD3000X Series Programmable Linear DC Power Supply has a 4.3 inch TFT-LCD display, supports Remote Programming and has a Real Time Wave Display. The ‘3000X family has three isolated outputs; two adjustable channels and one selectable channel from 2.5 V, 3.3 V, and 5 V. It also has output short and overload protection and can be used in production and development.

    Channel Output Display Resolution Setting Accuracy Readback Accuracy
    SPD3303X CH1: Voltage 0 to 32 V
    Current 0 to 3.2 A
    CH2: Voltage 0 to 32 V,
    Current 0 to 3.2 A
    CH3: Voltage 2.5/3.3/5.0 V,
    Current 3.2 A
    4.3" color TFT-LCD 5 digit voltage display
    4 digit current display
    1 mV,
    1 mA
    Voltage±(0.03% of reading+10mV)
    Current±(0. 3% of reading+10mA)
    Voltage±(0.03% of reading+10mV)
    Current±(0.3% of reading+10mA)
    SPD3303X-E CH1: Voltage 0 to 32 V
    Current 0 to 3.2 A
    CH2: Voltage 0 to 32 V,
    Current 0 to 3.2 A
    CH3: Voltage 2.5/3.3/5.0 V, Current 3.2 A
    4.3" color TFT-LCD 4 digit voltage display
    3 digit current display
    10 mV,
    10 mA
    Voltage: ± (0.5% of reading + 2 digits)
    Current ± (0.5% of reading + 2 digits)
    Voltage: ± (0.5% of reading + 2 digits)
    Current: ± (0.5% of reading + 2 digits)

    Key Features

    • 100/120/220/230 V compatible design to meet the needs of different power grids
    • Intelligent temperature-controlled fan effectively reduces fan noise
    • Clear graphical interface, with waveform display function
    • Five internal groups of system parameter save/recall, supports data storage space expansion
    • Free PC software; Easypower. Also supports remote programming and includes a LabView driver

    Vidéos **********************************

    Power Supply Design: Load Step Response with a SIGLENT DC Electronic Load

     April 3, 2020

    In this video, I compare the response from two power supplies using a stepped load to show the differences between a well-tuned supply and one that exhibits excessive ringing. Also, add in some basic instrument requirements to help get you started making your own step load tests.

    Here, I use a SIGLENT SDL1X-E DC Electronic load to perform the dynamic load requirements, an SPD1168X power supply to power the board, a CP4070 current probe to monitor the load current, and a SIGLENT SDS2354X Plus oscilloscope to measure the response and perform some averaging to clean up noise.


    Past, Present and Future: Siglent SPD3303X Bench Power Supply

    Firmware and Software Downloads *****


    SPS5000X Series wide range programmable Switching DC Power Supply

    Firmware View Release Notes

    • SPS5000X Firmware – V3.1.1.6 (Release Date 08.16.21 )  Download



    SPD3303X / SPD3303X-E Series Programmable DC Power Supplies

    Firmware View Release Notes

    • SPD3303X-E Firmware - (Release Date 02.05.21 )  Download
    • SPD3303X Firmware - (Release Date 02.05.21 )  Download
    • SPD3303X-E Firmware - (Release Date 12.11.17 )  Download
    • SPD3303X Firmware - (Release Date 12.11.17 )  Download
    • SPD3303X-E Firmware - (Release Date 12.28.16 )  Download
    • SPD3303X Firmware - (Release Date 12.28.16 )  Download


    • EasyPower - (Release Date 04.29.19 )  Download
    • EasyPower - (Release Date 08.20.18 )  Download


    • SPD3303 LabVIEW driver - P15 (Release Date 03.01.16 )  Download

    SPD3303D / SPD3303S Series Programmable DC Power Supplies (Discontinued)


    • SPD3303D Firmware - (Release Date 01.07.15 )  Download


    • EasyPower - (Release Date 04.29.19 )  Download
    • EasyPower - (Release Date 08.20.18 )  Download


    • SPD3303 LabVIEW driver - P15 (Release Date 03.01.16 )  Download

    SPD1000X Series Programmable DC Power Supply

    Firmware View Release Notes

    • SPD1305X Firmware - (Release Date 04.29.19 )  Download
    • SPD1168X Firmware – (Release Date 04.29.19 )  Download
    • SPD1000X Firmware- (Release Date 07.18.18 )  Download


    • EasyPower - (Release Date 04.29.19 )  Download
    • EasyPower - (Release Date 08.20.18 )  Download


    • SPD1000X LabVIEW driver (Release Date 12.08.20 )  Download

    SPD3303C Series Programmable DC Power Supplies

    Firmware View Release Notes

    • SPD3303C Firmware - (Release Date 10.27.20 )  Download
    • SPD3303C Firmware - (Release Date 09.30.14 )  Download


    • EasyPower - (Release Date 04.29.19 )  Download
    • EasyPower - (Release Date 08.20.18 )  Download


    • SPD3303 LabVIEW driver - P15 (Release Date 03.01.16 )  Download

    Document Downloads ******************

    SPS5000X Series wide range programmable Switching DC Power Supply

    SPD3303C Series Programmable DC Power Supplies

    SPD3303D / SPD3303S Series Programmable DC Power Supplies (Discontinued)

    SPD3303X / SPD3303X-E Series Programmable DC Power Supplies

    SPD1000X Series Programmable DC Power Supply

    Operating Tips **************************

    Protecting an SPD from an active load/battery

     December 28, 2021

    The output channels of SIGLENT SPD series power supplies have a protection diode with protection voltage and current rating of < 32V/1A. If the reverse voltage and current of the battery or power source connected to the SPD is > 32V/1A, you should add a protection diode between the power supply and load as below:

    Do your instruments support UDP communications over LAN?

     August 5, 2021

    Not at this time. Many instruments support communication via sockets (port 5025) and telnet (port 5024) but the port numbers cannot be changed. If you use VISA, you can implement LAN via TCP/IP, which does not need a port number. Here is a listing of current SIGLENT instruments with Socket and Telnet Support.

    How to check available internal memory?

    July 29, 2021

    Simply access the Save/Recall menu for the instrument in question and select Local. The menu will show used/total amounts. Here, the SDG6X has approximately 83 MB and the SDG1X has 85 MB of memory:

    May 7, 2021

    Per OSHA, a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) is an independent third-part laboratory recognized by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to test and certify products to applicable product safety standards. Examples of NRTLs include UL, CSA, and TUV. Many SIGLENT products are TUV certified, which also covers UL and CSA requirements. To …Continued

    Instrument Socket and Telnet Port Information

     February 25, 2021

    Product Type Product Series Socket port 5025 (Y/N) Telnet port 5024(Y/N) Digital Oscilloscope SDS5000X Y Y SDS2000X Plus Y Y SDS2000X N N SDS2000X-E Y Y SDS1000X N N SDS1000X-E Y Y SDS1104X-U Y Y SDS1000CML+ N N SDS1000DL+ N N Waveform Generator SDG6000X Y Y SDG2000X Y Y SDG1000X Y Y SDG800 N N …Continued

    How do I directly control an instrument using LAN?

     February 16, 2021

    For convenience, we recommend connecting your instrument to your LAN using a router that can configure DHCP directly and use an internet switch to connect the LAN to the instruments you wish to control. In some cases, you may wish to directly connect your computer to an instrument LAN port without a LAN available. This …Continued

    SPD output performance

     February 5, 2021

    The constant voltage-constant current transition with SPD power supplies is controlled by a diode and has a typical response time of approximately 1 ms. The capacitance of SPD3 and SPD1 models is about 920uf.

    Common SPD power supply issues

     September 18, 2020

    The most common SPD issues are typically solved by switching the input switches (on the rear panel) to the proper voltage values. As the first step to troubleshooting, please ensure that the power switches located on the rear panel are correctly set for the line voltage of the area the instrument is being used in. …Continued

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  • CO2 VOC PM2.5 Sensor Detector Control for DC 0-10V/AC Output Through RS485&Modbusz Protocol Fresh Air System

    G9 series integrate PM2.5, CO2,VOC, temperature, humidity and other sensors smart Ventilation System controller, it uses industrial-grade True Color, imported tempered glass panel, high-sensitivity touch button design. It embeds WIFI module RS485 module, remote access and control, they communicate with smart home, building intelligent control, etc. It controls the start and stop of the output AC fan and valve through the relay; optional output 0-10V proportional control (support valve or fan or other proportional equipment) .

    It can be widely used in residential, commercial and industrial applications, and can effectively improve air quality so as to create a healthy, comfortable, energy-efficient living and working environment.


    CO2, PM2.5, VOC sensor control output

    Operating mode: Automatic,manual,timing

    Fan speed mode:High,medium,low and automatic Fan speed/0-10V proportional Fan output

    Weekly Timing output different fan speeds

    Timing off/on

    RS485 communication

    TUYA WIFI mobile APP control

    Restore power memory function

    Fresh air system filter alarm

    Screen energy saving mode switch

    Screen backlight brightness adjustment

    Screen automatically saves energy and prolongs the life of the color screen;

    Time display

    Temperature display

    Humidity display

    Bypass valve manual or automatic control

    Output AC fan switch control (optional):High,medium,low output

    Output DC fan 0-10V control(optional):0-10V proportional Fan(valve) output




    Parameter value

    Power supply



    CO2 Adjustment range



    CO2 Displayrange



    PM2.5 Adjustmentrange



    PM2.5 Display range



    VOC Adjustmentrange



    VOC Display range



    Sensor warm-up time



    Response time



    Temperature display range


    Humidity display range



    Control power:



    Rated Power



    Output Interface

    3-speed fan

    AC output,DC 0-10V Optional






    2 x 1.5 or 1 x 2.5

    Install hole spacing



    Protection Class



    Flame retardant rating



    1 * Ventilator Controller(Optional AC FAN version, DC FAN 0~10V version)

    2 * Screws

    1 * User manual(EN)

    1 * Retail box

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  • Model Number: 5 in1 CO2 Meter Digital Temperature

    Measurement Range: 5 in1 CO2 Meter Digital Temperature

    Gas Type: CO2

    Certification: CE

    With bluetooth


    *1. CO2 Detection Range: 400-6000PPM

    *2. CO2 Detection Sensitivity: 1PPM

    *3. TVOC Detection Range: 0-2PPM

    *4. Temp Measurement Range: 0~50°C

    *5. Temp Measurement Accuracy: ±1°C

    *6. Humidity Measurement Range: 0%~99%RH

    *7. Humidity measurement Accuracy: ±2%RH

    *8. Free one 18650 battery

    *9. With buzzer (value greater than 1000)

    *10. Support Bluetooth APP, read up to 1440 sets of data for 60 days

    *12. Size: 9*7*3cm/3.54*2.75*1.18inch

    *12. Screen: about 2.75inch

    *13. Net weight: about 150g


    *1. 3-in-1: can use as a carbon dioxide concentration detection, thermometer and hygrometer at the same time.

    *2. Battery supply: built-in 1500mAh lithium battery, use USB charging cable to charge it.

    *3. Color screen: display the current CO2 data, temperature and humidity data. The colored ring will change according to the CO2 content.

    *4. Easy to operate: long press the "on-off" key for 3 seconds to turn on and off. It will detect the CO2 automatically.

    *5. Compact and portable: can be placed in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or take it when going out.

    Package Includes:

    1x CO2 Meter

    1x18650 battery

    1x Manual


    Note: The product is sealed and shipped for 7 to 15 days, because there are perfume and other gases in the box.


    After receiving the product, you need to stand for 1 hour, wait for the abnormal gas to volatilize, and start normal measurement;

    In addition, if the sensor is heated for more than 2 hours, the temperature measurement will be 2 to 3 degrees Celsius higher than the normal temperature. This is a normal error. If it is unacceptable, please do not buy it, thank you

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  • WIFI: Yes

    USB Total Power: 1

    Type: Electrical Plug

    Synchronous Rectification Technology: No

    Surge Protector: Yes

    Support Quick Charge: No

    Sub-control Switch: No

    Rated Voltage: 100-240V

    Rated Power: 3000W

    Rated Current: EU UK 16A/ US 10A

    Plug Type: EU

    Overload Protection: Yes

    Outlets Number: 1

    Origin: CN(Origin)

    Model Number: SP1

    Master Switch: No

    Grounding: Non-Grounding

    Certification: CE

    Certification: RoHS

    Certification: FCC

    Bundle: Bundle1

    ·App Remote Control
    Using your smartphone or tablet remotely controls the smart wifi power plug by free app Smart Life or TuyaSmart from anywhere at any time.  Easily to control your home appliances.

    ·Power Energy Monitor&Timing Function(The US PLUG without this function!!!)
    This smart power plug could provide real-time reports, on how much energy your home appliances consume. It is very good for you to set up a time schedule to turn on/off your devices automatically by the app. Helping you cut down electricity bills.

    ·Voice Control
    The smart WIFI plug socket is perfectly compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and so on. Just simply give a voice command to your Alexa or Google Home Assistant to control your devices when you are on go.

    ·Sharing &;Group Control
    One-tap to share the smart plug with your family member by the app to eliminate extra setup processes.

    ·Smart Scenario
    Creating your own scene to trigger ON/OFF home appliances by departure mode, home mode, temperature, humidity, or other conditions.

    Input voltage: 100-240V
    Maximum current: 10A
    Product certification: FCC / ROHS
    WIFI type: 2.4GHZ 802.11b / g / n
    Network security level: WPA / WPA2

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  • Being with Smart Home Automation

    - The total power rating of this WiFi Smart Power Socket is 3000W, make sure that you do not use multiple high-powered devices ( no more than 3000W in total ) at the same time.

    - Cool and fantastic design that works with Amazon Alexa for ECHO voice control, which makes your life much easier with a simple click on your smart phone

    - works with Google Home for Google Assistant voice control,
    which makes your life much easier with a simple click on your smart phone

    - It is hard to get up in cold winter days.
    You might find it annoying when you have to crawl out of bed to turn off the lights on the wall whether in your bedroom, living rooms or lighting strings in your garden.
    Now you do not have to, even the wall socket is far away from your reach, you can click the virtual button on your app, all done.

    - Turns on your home appliance, such as Fan, Humidifier, Water Dispenser, Lights, Microwave Oven and more at an exact time that you set, never wasting your energy with the countdown feature of the device.

    - Simply set a timer for your rice cooker or juicer, so when you wake up in the morning, all is ready, low power consumption for Electricity saving

    - Remotely & handily deal with different kinds of rope light electrical gadgets all over your room, no plugging and unplugging hassle. Now you can save a few steps in your routine when you are about to sleep at night.

    - Easy installation: Once connected to the same WiFi for the first time, all the setting work is done. You can easily control your electronics whether you are in Wireless WiFi or GPRS network when you are far away from your home. Save money by running the house on your schedule

    ** See User Manuel or Description for Step Instructions of use **

    Smart Plug EU Standard Specification
    - Product name: WiFi Smart Plug EU Standard
    - Max power: 3000W(resistance loading)
    - Working voltage: AC100-240V(50/60Hz)
    - Wireless Type: 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n
    - Material: ABS flame retardant polymer
    - Power consuming:<0.3W
    - Working current: Max 16A
    - With Power Energy Monitor
    - Dimension: 82mm*71mm*76mm
    - Cord Length:Wall Mounted
    - APP Support:Android 4.1/ IOS 8.0 or above
    - Support APP: “Tuya” or “Smart Life”
    - Support: Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant

    Package Contens

    - WI-FI Smart Plug
    - User Manual

    16A wiFi smart Socket

    Make your home smarter,No HUB required
    APP Control / Timing Setting / Power Saving Remind / Scene Connection / Energy Monitor

    your fully automated smart home

    with interaccess you can control all your electric appliances & devices on the “Tuya” or “Smart Life” smart app
    from absolutely anywhere


    Control eletrical appliances
    via mobile app

    voice control

    Control your device via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

    Control from Anywhere

    Control your lights and appliances globally from your smartphone or tablet

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  • electric voltmeter: voltage voltmeter

    Power Supply: AC

    Operating Temperature: -20C-150 C

    Model Number: KWS-AC301 Digital Voltmeter Ammeter

    Display Type: Digital Only

    Dimensions: 44.5*73.5*20mm

    DIY Supplies: ELECTRICAL

    Certification: CE

  • €20,91 €25,22
    Vue rapide
  • Working temperature: -10 ~ 45 degree

    WIFI: Yes

    USB Total Power: 21W

    USB Ports Number: 2

    Type: Plug with Socket

    Synchronous Rectification Technology: Yes

    Surge Protector: Yes

    Support Quick Charge: Pump Express

    Sub-control Switch: Yes

    Single USB Max Output: 5V 2.1A

    Security Type: WEP64 / WEP128 / TKIP / C

    Remote Control: App Control Timer Function

    Rated Voltage: 100-240V

    Rated Power: 1200W

    Rated Current: 10A

    Power output: 10A, 100-240V: Power consumption: 10A, 100-240V

    Power: 1200W-2500W

    Plug Type: EU

    Overload Protection: Yes

    Outlets Number: 1

    Maximum voltage: 100-240VAC 50 / 60HZ

    Maximum rating: 10A

    Material: ABS + PC

    Master Switch: Yes

    Grounding: Standard Grounding

    Compatible with: Amazon Alexa Google Home

    Certification: RoHS

    Certification: FCC

    Certification: CE

    Application: Residential / General-Purpose

    Smart power outlet WiFi power outlet WiFi Smart Plug Compatible with Amazon Alexa Google Home USB Power Socket App Control



    Material: ABS + PC

    Power consumption: 10A, 100-240V

    Power output: 10A, 100-240V

    Power: 1200W-2500W

    Maximum rating: 10A

    Wireless consumption: <0.3W

    Maximum voltage: 100-240VAC 50 / 60HZ

    Working temperature: -10 ~ 45  degree

    Wi-Fi frequency: 2.412 ~ 2.484 MHz

    Working humidity: <80%

    Security Type: WEP64 / WEP128 / TKIP / CCMP (AES)

    Dimensions: 122X52X45mm

    Weight: 80g

    Works with Amazon Alexa / Echo & Google Home:

    Smart power outlet works with Amazon Alexa, Echo Dot and Google Home, just say what you want to do and it will happen right away.


    Remote control

    Through WiFi power outlet: Just download the app, plug in a power outlet, and then you can control your lights and other devices anywhere through your smartphone or tablet.


    Timer function Socket

    Energy Saving: Ideal for lighting and other devices with adjustable on / off functions, turn on / off according to your specified time.


    Participate Function and USB Connection:

    Some family member can simultaneously control the app, very practical; Are there also two USB ports.


    Practical USB ports

    2 USB charging ports are ideal for charging tablets, smartphones, power banks or other devices powered by USB.



    1 * Smart power outlet

    1 * Manual